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Your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life!

Want To Begin Living Your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life In Only Six Weeks?
If you'd like to drop the façade and build a life that’s aligned with what you truly want, this is the most important message you'll ever read.
Hi Beautiful! Let's skip the long intro and cut straight to the chase.

You've seen other women confidently going after what they want and making their dreams come true.

You’ve wanted in on the secret of how they seem to ‘have it all’ while you’re still stuck wondering ‘when will it be MY turn?’

If you've listened to my top-rated podcast, Feminine & Fulfilled, or follow me on social media, then you've seen that women are over the top about the results from my coaching…cramming my inbox and comments with questions under every post…and racking their brains trying to decipher the hidden path to living a rich, bold, and beautiful life.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why you’re feeling the way you do. From the outside you often appear to have the life everyone wants. And while you’re grateful... your life’s not fulfilling or purposeful or passionate. It feels meh.

This was exactly how my client, Reem, was feeling until she took the course:

“Before I started Shazia's course, I’d been feeling very disconnected and unhappy. I didn’t know what my purpose was or how to get back to feeling better about my life or myself. Going through the course with an open heart and mind has completely changed me! Shazia changed my perspective about life. I definitely recommend this course if you feel stuck, want to find yourself, or need a boost to begin living the life you want to live. I’m forever grateful for her amazing work!”
Reem's personal styling business has since taken off! She’s connected to her professional goals, and her intention to help her clients look and feel like a million bucks. Reem passionately and creatively expresses herself every day.

Here’s the secret…
being YOU…
IS the way to living your most fulfilled life!

Hundreds of women have already transformed their lives and achieved living their full potential with what you’ll learn in this course.

Let me introduce you to a few of them.
Sarah, started her entrepreneurial journey by providing gift services one order at a time. Things were going well, but she was working so hard and being pulled in too many directions between her business and personal life.

Sarah’s BIG VISION was to provide exquisite gift services for large corporations, making her highly creative efforts both rewarding and profitable. To allow her creative talents and vision to be unleashed, she needed to find balance and boundaries in her multiple roles. It was time to get serious about her goals; that’s when Sarah enrolled in my course.

Here’s what Sarah said after completing Your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life!

“Before I started Shazia’s course I defined myself by the roles I played - mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur. I didn’t truly know who I was or what I wanted deep down inside. Now I’ve got the confidence to go after what I want, to make dua for it, and take action. I’m amazed at the results in my business and my personal life.”
Less than a year after Sarah completed the course, she was awarded the contract to provide gift services for Google! WOW!
If she can do it, so can YOU!

If someone would have sent me these exact same testimonials a few years ago, I wouldn't have believed that a huge life transition was possible in only six weeks.

But now results like this are something I receive comments about from clients on a weekly basis, and seeing women lead their lives with boldness and confidence after completing the course isn't out of the ordinary - at all.

I mean, it still blows my mind to see what's possible for the women in my circle.

But, I've seen my clients pull off a lot more challenging and risky transformations in less time. 

One of them is Dinda, who sought my support in making a life-altering decision...

“I was at a crossroads and thought the course could help me make the best decision. I was wrong. You helped me in so many more ways beyond making that one decision! This course transformed me, my life, and those around me.”
Now Dinda got my attention.

She was at a major decision point in her life about whether to leave her home country, and beloved family, to build a new life more than 4000 miles away with her husband and young children.

Dinda got what she needed to make a confident decision to move halfway across the world, where she and her family are thriving. They’ve recently welcomed a new baby to their family!  
The takeaway from these success stories is:
Your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life Is
Transforming Women’s Lives!
These success stories highlight what’s possible when you decide to ‘go all in’ on YOU and your big vision … to manifest the miracles that open up for you when you commit to taking the journey.

Now does that mean you’ll get the same results and feel fulfilled, successful, and whole? 

Well, it depends.

I Don’t Make False Promises
 About The Results of My Course

The truth is, there are many factors into being able to bring your dreams to life including honesty, an open mind, and commitment.

Most people who don’t get results with personal transformation, I believe, is because of a lack of trust that your dreams CAN come true!

Whenever we’re too afraid to go after what we want and deserve, we stay stuck in a pattern of holding ourselves back and playing small. 

Whether it’s the fear of choosing your OWN path rather than the one others told you to take or getting stuck in your head trying to ‘figure it all out first’...

I’ll tell you these are just sophisticated blocks to make you feel like you're doing something ut they’re not actually taking you anywhere…

and certainly not where you’re meant to be! 

So here’s the deal – all my successful clients have one thing in common:

They’re SERIOUS about changing the trajectory of their lives. Even when they don’t know HOW that will happen. 

But they trust I’ll show them the HOW. 
And that’s when the transformation begins.

I won't insult your intelligence by making claims or promising what type of results you’ll get with this course. Like with everything in life, individual results vary.

However, I’ll be very honest about what will help you to get the results you want. 

Real talk: How much transformation you’ll create with this course depends on how committed you are to showing up (especially when things are uncertain) and following the clear steps I’ve laid out for you.

If you hold yourself back, nothing will happen. If you go all in, the entire cosmos awaits! 

Now that we’ve had a heart-to-heart about expectations and results,
Here's What I Can Promise
This is all my best work in a course, so far.

I'm giving you my best information — all the information — to start living a life that reflects what you want - not what others tell you to do or expect of you. This is your opportunity to bring your dreams to life!

I don't hold back anything from you in this course. 

Every single secret …

Every personal short-cut …

Every proven strategy … 

… that’s worked for me or one of my clients is revealed to you, and explained in detail so you can easily model it.

This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive information you’ll find anywhere about how to fully unleash the special woman inside and live life to your fullest potential! 

The moment you recognize who you are right now is MORE than enough is when miracles begin to unfold.

Your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life! is 100% fresh, proven, and in-depth. 

It's not a bunch of random affirmations and wishful thinking overlaid on sunset beach photos.

This course is a thoughtful guide on how to start seeing yourself as the special woman you KNOW you are inside … and living that way on the outside, too!

I believe if any course is going to help you live your purpose, THIS is the one. 

Remember, these are literally the same steps I used to transform my life from utter despair to living my dreams. 

You can get great benefits from listening to my podcast and following me on social media, but I wanted to step it up and blow everyone's mind by creating something EXTRAORDINARY.

So I've decided to open my hot pink silk robe to you and reveal EVERYTHING.

Exactly What You're Getting
Each day I get requests from women asking me how they can coach with me. And in the last few years, I’ve had to turn down more women than I’ve wanted. I really hate doing that.

My 1:1 coaching calendar is fully booked and I simply don't have time to help every woman individually (although I’d love to).

So, I decided to put an end to having to say ‘NO’ to all the women who are finally ready to learn the secrets of being a woman who not only dreams it, but does it!

This course gives every woman who's wanting an insanely Rich, Bold, and Beautiful Life a way to do exactly that, in six weeks or less and . . . no longer spending night after night scrolling the gram watching other women celebrate their successes while you wonder...'When will it be MY turn too?'

Well it IS your turn now, Beautiful.

Now you might be wondering exactly what you're getting.

The entire course is accessed online at the time it’s most convenient for you. 

Each week you get access to an additional module containing multiple audio files with powerful content. You can pop in your ear buds and listen when you're on a walk or making dinner or commuting. 

Here’s the flow of the course:
Week #1
Foundation for Success
  • Set powerful new intentions toward the future
  • Learn a deep breathing exercise to relax your nervous system 
  • Journal in a way that’s no longer a status report or in the corner gathering dust 
  • Powerfully forgive to free yourself from the past, once and for all
  • A Guided Visualization to your illuminated self
Week #2
  • Re-define what this means to you and release teh guilt!
  • Examine the limiting beliefs you’ve been holding onto, often without knowing it
  • Let go of the invisible ceiling that’s preventing you from reaching your full potential
  • Learn the four simple steps to manifesting
  • Upgrade instantly and simply to make immediate changes in your life
  • Fairytale Journal your dream life - this is magical! 
  • A Guided Visualization to your dreamiest morning
Week #3
  • Own your ambition, hone your intuition, and take bold action
  • Ignite the sparks of your ambition
  • Move toward your intention with lightning speed
  • Breakthrough and take the LEAP! 
  • Bold action (my personal story) and how bold action gets you bold results!
  • A Guided Visualization to take your leap of faith
Week #4
  • Bust through the roadblocks to self-love and fall back in love with yourself!
  • Understand the core of your identity
  • Tap into the BEAUTIFUL source within you and dance with your soul again
  • Unabashedly embrace your Feminine
  • A Guided Visualization to meet your Sage Self (spoiler: she’s Beautiful!)
Week #5
  • Bring the lessons to life by physical anchors to place around you
  • Clean up any lingering, limiting thoughts 
  • Deeply rooting into your new intentions
  • Stay open to receiving
  • Fiercely protecting your energy and moods 
  • Make your transformation permanent
Week #6
Celebrate & Integrate
  • Celebrate how far you’ve come and how to keep celebrating!
  • Invite in and receive pleasure in your life
  • Custom permission slip for you to live your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life!
  • Gratitude to anchor all the lessons you’ve learned
  • The path forward and a special, personal invitation from me to you
Yes, that's a lot of evidence-based and life-tested strategies to help you let go, get clear, and take action to build the life that’s waiting for YOU.

And it's different from anything else you've seen before.

Unlike other courses, this is a complete step-by-step program that covers every single aspect of what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward.

I reveal every single secret, personal experience, and strategy that has worked for me and my clients.

But it gets even better than that…

I'm Also Giving You 5 FREE Bonuses Worth $3,479 If You Join Your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life!
If you know anything about me, then you know that I always over-deliver. I actually care (a lot) about the results you get and that's why I go the extra mile for you.

To make sure you get the best results you can from my course, I'm giving you 5 FREE bonuses worth $3,479.

Here's what I've got for you:
Two LIVE 90-Minute Coaching Calls
(Value: $1,555)

  • Receive personal coaching from me in real-time
  • Connect with like-minded women active in the course
  • Ask me your most direct questions and benefit from my coaching to you and to others
Gorgeous Course Workbook
(Value: $39)

  • This is the get-it-done complement to the lessons and bonuses inside Your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life!
  • Keep focused and on-track with this gorgeous 145-page, full-color guided course workbook (mailed to your door!)
  • Research shows that writing exercises improve course engagement, critical thinking, and outcomes
Weekly Motivational Check-In Emails
(Value: $91)

  • For six weeks after enrolling you’ll receive a customized message about the week’s modules
  • Weekly motivation to keep you going! I gotchu gurl!
Secrets to More Time Masterclass
(Value: $497)

  • In this 90-minute audio class you learn how to ‘find’ more time in your day (spoiler alert - there will be no schedules involved!)
  • Stop letting, “I don’t have the time.” be an excuse for not accomplishing your goals 
  • Leave this class knowing how to have all the time you need for what matters most 
The Wealth Workshop LIVE!
(Value: $1297)

  • In this 2.5 hour live workshop, I'll share alllll the secrets to being wealthy! 
  • You'll learn your money type and how to use that to gain more wealth and feel aligned doing it!
  • Open Q&A for you to bring any question you have - no question is to big or small

With these FREE bonuses worth $3479 you'll be able to shortcut your way to living the life you deserve … without struggling to figure it out on your own or searching for ways to motivate yourself when you’re already depleted. I’m by your side through this course so we can cross that finish line together!

The way I see it, you've already won the race and have the gold medal to prove it!

Enrolling in this course is like being handed a done-for-you dream life plan. All you have to do is take it one-step-at-a-time to make it reality.

I've been coaching women for over 10 years now and I've learned all sorts of complicated personal transformation methods, and this course is by far the easiest and fastest way to transform your life from mediocre to magnificent.

You're probably more than ready to be your magnificent self, so...

Here's What To Do Next
If you're ready to make the shifts in your life that you’re longing to make with my simple methods that work for women over and over again, you'll have to register for Your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life! course ASAP.

You can join the course for $897 one-time.

And if you don't have the money saved up and want to join, no problem, you can hop on board for 11 installments of $97.

But the way I see it, this course won't "cost" you anything. This is an investment in your fulfillment and that’s priceless.

Here's why.

You’re already paying the cost of not living the life you know you’ve been given the potential to live. Playing small isn’t serving you, it’s actually stealing from who you are. 

What’s the cost of watching life passing you by each day, then week, then year?

What’s it costing you to ‘just be fine and grateful’ with things as they are now?

What’s the cost of feeling alone and unfulfilled inside, while making sure you look like you have all your ish together on the outside?

How long can you keep it up? (I know you’re pooped)

My client, Andrea, was unsure about investing in my course. She’d taken a bunch of courses before, and felt they were lackluster, leaving her still searching for answers.

Then something inside told her, “This course is different and the right choice for you, right now.” And she listened.

Here’s what Andrea said about her investment in the course:

“This is honestly the best and most complete coaching course I've ever seen. It made me dream big again! In fact, every woman should have this as a foundation for her life. In my eyes, it's worth 10 times what I paid for.” 
The bottom line is:  

It's almost impossible not to transform your life by enrolling and showing up for this course, unless you give up on yourself. I promise that I’ll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen.

This course isn’t an expense, it's an investment. 

As women, most of us aren’t used to spending money on ourselves for personal growth. We think, “I don’t want to be selfish,” or “I should be able to do it myself!” 

So, let me be up front here … it doesn’t work that way. No successful woman did it all by herself, and I certainly didn’t.

The fast track to feeling fulfilled is getting support to help you overcome challenges and achieve your personal goals. Let it be easy and accept my support.

I teach this lesson inside the course and it fits perfectly here, too. There's one investment that will keep on giving: 

Investing in yourself. 

You have immense potential that hasn’t been UNLEASHED yet. 

What could you learn in this course that would have a significant benefit in your life AND also create a positive ripple effect on others? 

That’s not being selfish, it’s entirely generous!

All I need from you is to click on the link below and sign up for Your Rich, Bold, Beautiful Life! You'll be asked to choose your best payment option and fill out the form.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, sign up for my transformational course and get $3,479 worth of FREE bonuses.
Here's What Happens After That
As soon as you sign up, you’ll be asked to fill out a quick questionnaire and you’ll also receive an on-boarding email with the login details to access the course in the learning platform, Kajabi.

And of course, you'll get the $3,479 worth of FREE bonuses and other resources to help you get started ...PLUS I even have some unannounced secret bonuses for you that will completely blow your skirt up! 

All I know is, you won't regret having signed up for this … especially once the things you’ve been dreaming of start showing up in your life - over and over again ...

But here's the best part:

You'll join a community of like-minded, beautiful, intelligent, loving, ambitious women with big dreams, just like you. All building Your Rich, Bold Beautiful Lives and having fun along the way! 

Here's how the course breaks down: 

Each week, over a six week period, you’ll get access to additional modules where you receive the next steps - what to do, why it matters, and real-life examples to back it all up. 

In total, you get access to over 25 hours of audio training from me.

But don't worry, it's easy to follow along and everything is delivered in delicious, bite-sized portions that you can take with you anywhere you go. 

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my transformational course and get $3,479 worth of FREE bonuses.

Now, you and I both know that I'll get a ton of interest from this course launch, and that's why you need to read this next part carefully:

In order to provide you with the support you NEED in order to get the results you want, I can only work with a maximum of 20 students at the same time.

I simply don't have the capacity for more women. And because your results matter to me …

I will give you the attention you deserve.

The course is starting soon, so time is a factor.

Once the timer on this page hits 00:00:00:00 registration will close and the course will start a few days later. But it might sell out earlier because of the extremely limited seats available.

There are more than 200 women on the early-bird waitlist already!

So if you're truly interested in trusting yourself again, and reconnecting with the special woman you are inside...rooted in love, honesty, and sincerity, you have to act (right now!) … before another woman gets your spot and changes her life into the one you long for while scrolling on the gram at night.

Oh, and in case you're wondering…the spots are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my transformational course and get $3,479 worth of FREE bonuses.

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